Pro-Fab Metals is one of the most trusted welding shops around. The best place around for welding service. In business since 1995. Owner Chuck Wagoner has over 45 years of welding & fabrication experience. With that amount of knowledge, you can  be sure to have top notch quality and welding service, when dealing with Pro-Fab Metals. Customer service and satisfaction is what this business thrives in. Working within the customers time frame is very important to Pro-Fab Metals. With that being a concern and always achieved, it goes to show the quality of workmanship that this business has. Chuck is also able to DESIGN projects himself. With the ability to do this, there is no job around that this business is unable to start or finish. The variety of projects that have been completed or that can be is mind blowing, and you will be able to see for yourself as you look through the website. Pro-Fab Metals also offers 24 hour service and also offer service calls for farmers! So please be sure to remember that they are only a phone call away to help with any of your Welding and Fabrication needs. Give them a call at the office at 618-283-2986 or call Chuck’s Cell at 618-292-4730. You can also fax them any projects, designs, or ideas at 618-283-2945.